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Business Analyst Intern – Healthcare

Position: Business Analyst Intern – Healthcare Location: Palo Alto, CA This is an unpaid 3-month internship program, but can transition into a full time position for the right candidate CTIC Capital is a Silicon Valley based boutique private equity consulting firm focusing on healthcare and Internet technology. Leveraging our trans-pacific network and local expertise, we […]

Gene study uncovers ‘spectrum of mutations’ in mesothelioma

In a paper published in Nature Genetics, the team – from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) in Boston, MA, and Genentech in San Francisco, CA – reports how they carried out a comprehensive genomic analysis of over 200 mesothelioma tumors. Lead author Dr. Raphael Bueno, chief of BWH’s Division of Thoracic Surgery and co-director of […]

Boston Dynamics’ New Robot Is Wicked Good at Standing Up to Bullies

One of these days, Boston Dynamics—the Alphabet-owned robot company from Beantown—is going to push its robots too far. I mean, just look at their latest video, in which they shove, trip, and play keep away from a robot named Atlas. Sure, the droid walks funny, but if they keep messing around I swear Atlas is going […]

VR And AR Will Be Mobile’s Demand Driver, Not Its Replacement

With each of the six biggest global consumer technology companies now deeply invested and feverishly in development, VR/AR has become too big to fail. Facebook Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR (powered by Oculus), Google Cardboard and its Magic Leap investment (and perhaps even Google Glass’ second coming), Sony PlayStation VR and Microsoft HoloLens are public. […]

Scientists improve DNA technology for detecting, treating disease

One of the drawbacks of DNA aptamers – synthetic small molecules that show promise for detecting and treating cancer and other diseases – is they do not bind readily to their targets and are easily digested by enzymes in the body. Now, scientists have found a way to produce DNA aptamers without these disadvantages. The […]

Alzheimer’s brain plaques discovered in people with brain injuries

A new study, published in Neurology, finds plaques in the brains of middle-aged people who have experienced head injuries. These amyloid plaques match those found in Alzheimer’s, but their spatial distribution differs. According to an editorial that is published alongside the present research, visitors to the emergency department for traumatic brain injuries (TBI) have risen […]

Human-genome editing summit to sample global attitudes

A large and international meeting on the ethics of human-genome editing is poised to begin —  and researchers are curious about how perceived differences in attitudes will play out. “We’re hoping to sort of take the temperature of the world,” says David Baltimore, the virologist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena who is […]

These Haptic Gloves Could Revolutionize Cancer Detection (And Maybe VR)

Doctors might get even better at detecting tumors in breast cancer patients early, thanks to pressure-sensitive rubber gloves that supercharge their sense of touch. But the sensors that power those gloves could be useful in all kinds of non-medical scenarios, too. Getting a regular exam from your doctor is still one of the most effective […]